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12 January, 2024

SMACITE workshop in Italy

12 January, 2024

The first national workshop of the SMACITE project in Italy took place between the end of October and December allowed companies, H/VET providers and public bodies to meet and let them know the latest news about the SMACITE project, the partnership, the project objectives and expected results. Apro Formazione chose to organise the event by dividing it into four sessions for specific audiences in order to facilitate participation and deepen the most important aspects for each type of user. 

The Italian SMACITE project team met teachers from the Liceo Scientifico Cocito in Alba and representatives of the municipality of guarene, which is currently implementing with other municipalities a cultural and social regeneration project financed by the NextGenerationEU programme at their premises. On the corporate front, the SMACITE project was presented in APRO Formazione to some local companies active in the energy and tech sector and finally in Genoa at the ETT SpA. headquarters.

During the meetings, it was possible to exchange views with teachers, trainers, technicians and human resource managers on the implementation and management of extra-curricular online learning activities, gathering important feedback on the training needs of companies and public bodies and experiences in the use of technological tools for training and daily activities. The feedback received from the participants was very positive and some of the attendees expressed their interest to participate in the upcoming pilot trainings and in further events related to the project.