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University of Patras

Dr. Maria Rigou

Department of Management Science and Technology

Dr. Vasileios Gkamas

Department of Management Science and Technology

The University of Patras (UPATRAS) is one of the leading higher education institutions and the third largest in Greece. Its success is built on a strong partnership with its students and academic staff and a clear focus on high performance, enhancing UPATRAS position as a world-class university with a strong academic reputation and a commitment to excellence. It comprises 7 Schools and 31 Departments2, and more than 30.000 undergraduate students, 1.700 postgraduate students, and 2.000 Ph.D. candidates. According to the “Top Universities by Top Google Scholar Citations” Webometric’s ranking announced on 26 January 2022 the University of Patras is ranked 375th in the world and 3rd in Greece.

UPATRAS Special Account for Research Grants has received accreditation for Managerial Competence since 2009, issued by the Ministry of Education, certifying the administrative efficiency and capacity for implementing co-funded projects and programmes.

The Department of Management Science and Technology of UPATRAS was founded in 2019 and its mission is to provide training and produce research in the area of Administrative Science related to modern technologies and organizational studies, with emphasis on the use of quantitative methods, information, and communication in decision making, business strategy development and reorganization. The Department aims at preparing executives by emphasizing the interdisciplinary integration of the administrative and technological disciplines. The faculty of the Department has long experience in R&D projects.