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One of the core results of the SMACITE project is the definition of the “Smart Cities Technician” and “Smart Cities Engineer” emerging job profiles. The two profiles are mapped to the ESCO labour classification (compulsory in all EU countries since 2021) and to the standard EN16234-1:2019 for ICT professional competences, also known as e-Competence Framework.

 The process for developing these two profiles includes the following steps:

  1. Preliminary research, with the objective of analyzing the state of the art and the current approach to smart city profiles and defining the project’s approach for further steps.
  2. Desk research, including a deep study by UAH of ESCO, e-CF, and needs in smart cities followed by research carried on by the rest of partners of relevant references to identify important skills of the smart cities’ profiles.
  3. Online survey, to reach stakeholders and confirm the appropriateness of the competences, functions, knowledge, and skills extracted from the desk research. The online survey was implemented in the EU Survey tool of European Commission in four languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Greek. Open from end of July until 18th September 2023, there was 394 visits to the questionnaire which led to 134 full responses from 11 European countries although countries with more contributions were Spain (34.07%), Greece (16.30%), Bulgaria (27.41%) and Italy (13.33%).
  4. Smart Cities Engineer and Technician profiles development. Based on the results that came out from previous steps two profiles are developed aligned to ESCO and e-CF, one for Smart City Engineer and another for Smart City technician.
  5. Expert interview, with the aim of obtaining qualitative feedback and assistance in interpreting the data and results derived from the desk research and the stakeholder survey. Experts are also asked to confirm whether the profiles are appropriate and relevant in terms of their experience in Smart Cities.

If you are interested in learning more about the two job profiles read this deliverable, as well as this paper.

To view the Smart Cities Engineer job profile click the image below. To view the Smart Cities Technician job profile click the image below.