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16 November, 2023

SMACITE workshop in Spain

16 November, 2023

The first national workshop of the SMACITE project in Spain took place at Politeknika Txorierri on October 5th. Representatives from companies, H/VET providers and students got to know the latest news about SMACITE project: the partnership, the project objectives and expected results.

Moreover, a representative from Bilbao Ekintza, the Bilbao City Council, joined the workshop and shared with the participants information about the evolution of Bilbao, specifically their plans to transform the island of Zorrozaurre from an old industrial peninsula to a smart innovative urban district.

In the last years, Bilbao has demonstrated to be on the right path to become a SmartCity, to the point of being chosen to host the Eurocities Economic Development Forum 2024.