The project deliverables are the following:

WP1: Project Management and Coordination

  • D1.1 Project management handbook

  • D1.2 Bi-annual project progress reports

  • D1.3 Bi-annual project financial reports

  • D1.4 Project final report

WP2: Smart Cities competences map and curriculum

  • D2.1 Smart Cities competences map and emerging job profiles

  • D2.2 The SMACITE curriculum for Smart Cities

  • D2.3 Methodology for learners' training and assessment

  • D2.4 Methodology for the certification of competences of Smart Cities technicians and engineers

WP3: Learning resources for the upskilling/reskilling of Smart Cities technicians and engineers

  • D3.1 Learning resources for Smart Cities key enabling technologies

  • D3.2 Learning resources for soft skills development

  • D3.3 Learning resources for entrepreneurship skills development

  • D3.4 Learning resources for green skills development

WP4: MOOC and Virtual Worlds for the upskilling/reskilling of Smart Cities technicians and Engineers

  • D4.1 Diagnostic tool to identify the training needs of Smart Cities technicians and engineers

  • D4.2 MOOC for Smart Cities

  • D4.3 Virtual Worlds for training on soft, entrepreneurship and green skills

WP5: Pilots and Testing

  • D5.1 SMACITE pilots plan

  • D5.2 Trainer handbook

  • D5.3 Report on SMACITE pilots

WP6: Quality Assurance, Risk Management, and Project Evaluation

  • D6.1 Quality Assurance plan

  • D6.2 Risk register

  • D6.3 Project evaluation plan

  • D6.4 Project external evaluation report

WP7: Impact, Dissemination and Exploitation

  • D7.1 Dissemination plan

  • D7.2 Project website

  • D7.3 Project promotional material

  • D7.4 National project workshops, European-wide workshops, and final conference

  • D7.5 Exploitation and Sustainability Guide

  • D7.6 Dissemination reports

  • D7.7 Project impact assessment report

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