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Javier Rodríguez Pascua

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Concepción De Diego Zamarro

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The Directorate General of Vocational Training (Dirección General de Formación) is the Regional Government Agency

responsible for Vocational Training for Employment in the Community of Madrid. Depends on the Department of

Economy,Treasury and Employment within its organizational structure is placed a network of Vocational

Training Centers for Employment, made up of five training centers specialized in different areas and whose mission is to improve the professional skills of workers and students through specialized training, custom actions and active support in finding employment. To this goal, these VET Centers are specialized in sectors and areas such as information and

communication technologies, administration, insurance and finance, construction, refrigeration and air conditioning,electricity, electronics and aerospace technology, and all of them manage training courses for unemployed people directly

running more than 6.000 students per year. These training centers contribute to the improvement of the national system of vocational training through research, certification and permanent update and all of them are National Reference Centers for Vocational Training in their respective sectors. Specifically in this partnership project are involve two centers, the Information and Communication Technologies VET  placed in Getafe, Madrid, also Spanish National Reference Center in Computer

Development and Communications and the Administration, Insurance and Finance Training VET center also National Reference Center located in Fuencarral, Madrid . We deliver courses for unemployed primarily and try to up-skill students who comes from the IT Sector or other activity sectors but wish to start an IT professional career. We cover courses from basic levels to the most advanced courses in Big Data, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and many more technologies. All our courses and certifications are free for our students, being funded by the government of Madrid. We have signed agreements with the main brands in the IT sector such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Google, IBM, EC-Council, Redhat, Cloudera, Vmware, Amazon and many more, to deliver official courses, including the voucher to access to the official exams in each brand.

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