The SMACITE pilots aim to test and evaluate the effectiveness of the overall project approach and the developed VET program in terms of the methodology and tools used for the upskilling/reskilling of Smart Cities technicians and engineers. This includes:

  • The curriculum, the training and assessment methodology and the methodology for the certification of learners’ knowledge, skills and competences.

  • The learning resources developed.

  • The diagnostic tool, the MOOC and the Virtual Worlds developed.

The VET program will be tested with at least 160 learners . The different categories of learners who will be reached to participate in the pilots are:

  • Technicians and engineers from the public sector or industry who are currently working or want to work at the Smart Cities sector.

  • VET and HEIs students who are interested to work at the Smart Cities sector.

More information will be provided during the project lifetime.

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